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From our beer-guzzling artists:

"Five years ago for the Green Man we built the Power Plant, a cluster of flowers made of bottle caps and scrap metal. The Gazebo is the next step in the evolution of our bottle cap art. The work that we do with bottle caps is a unique labor of love. Many artists work with this medium, but our method and attention to detail sets our work apart. By painstakingly smashing each cap flat, punching holes in it, and attaching it with wire, cap by cap, we turn a simple household piece of waste into a large scale object of complex shape and color with beautiful gradients, patterns, curves and angles." 
- Max & Andrew

Max Poynton is a carpenter and welder by trade and has a background in public murals,  poster art and illustration. 

Andrew Grinberg is an environmental activist who works on grassroots campaigns for protection of air, water and public health with the non-profit Clean Water Action.

In 2007, Andrew and Max built their first Burning Man project, the Power Plant, an honorarium installation, that they also installed at Center Camp in 2011. In 2009, Max created the Mudpire Strikes Back, a group of creatures rising out of the playa.  Max then joined the Flux Foundation, playing a major role in the creation of the Temple of Flux in 2010. In 2011, Max worked with Flux to build Brollyflock and  was a builder on the Otic Oasis crew at Burning Man. Both Max and Andrew played key roles in building Grahama’s House art car in 2011. 

Camp and Community affiliation:
The Bottlecap Gazebo will be the signature art piece in 2012 for Elephant Bird Camp. For the last few years EBC has been a successful theme camp, throwing live music concerts, artistic workshops, and in 2011 debuting the art car, Grahama’s House.  For all our past endeavors we have collaborated with our 40+ campmates, who have proven to be the most creative and dedicated people we know.

In addition, many of our team’s roles in working on the Temple of Flux has connected us with one of the largest artistic communities in the Bay Area. We plan to collaborate with many members of the Flux team and utilize their expertise in large-scale playa art. We look forward to collaborating with so many talented individuals - including you! - utilizing our diverse skill sets and creativity.